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Sasha Cueto,
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Soulful Sex Coach


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Coaching Packages and Courses


Online Coaching Session

FREE consultation call

In this 40 minutes call we'll get to know each other, to explore what I can do for you.
After this session, I'll tailor packages according to your needs and desires.

Blissful Living

Redefine your sexual history

Work with me for 12 powerful coaching sessions, to heal your sexual history, your connection to your body, and to redefine your orgasmic capacity.

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Soul Discovery Adventure Tarot Reading

Tarot Reading/Coaching

A one hour coaching + tarot session.
It is one of my most popular products. 

Discover the reasons behind what is going on in your life. This is a threefold conversation between you, me and the tarot.
Get clarity and a deep understanding of your life.

SLRC sisters, message me for a discount.


Who am I

Soulful Sex and Empowerment Coach

I help women heal their connection to their body and soul, using pleasure as a tool. 
I have been a student of the Mysteries since I was 12 years old.

It has been a path of magic, self-discovery, joy, tears, healing, and pleasure, using tools that go from Archetypal studies, Dreamwork, Meditation, to Bodywork, Breathwork, and Taoist practices. 

In this journey, I discovered the incredible power of sexual energy when I had my first spontaneous Kundalini Awakening.

I discovered, that the Alchemical Pearl  I was searching for was not "Out There", but DEEP WITHIN OUR BODY.

That is where my journey took me next: 

To explore the depths of my body wisdom.

That's how my path took me to the Tantric School of Integrated Sexuality where I graduated as a Sex Coach, with a major in Female Sexuality and Jade Egg.


Client Love


Melanie Jolanta

I’ve had the privilege of calling Sasha my coach. Being under her guidance has been an absolute gift in my personal journey towards wholeness.

Sasha’s breadth of knowledge in terms of tools and approaches is extensive and absolutely masterful and her innate gifts in intuition and empathy are out of this world. My first session with her was like diving into a profound and intimate journey with the safest, most loving mentor, it was as if I’d known her my whole life. She has guided me towards facing core wounding while feeling so held that what had in the past felt unimaginably terrifying became nourishing, healing and life affirming. Sasha doesn’t skip a beat.

Although I came to her in search of support for a sexual awakening, she understood that each and every blockage that came to the surface was relevant to me reaching my goal. She genuinely cares about holistic healing. Her coaching reflects this, and her transmission and unbelievably on point intuition make her a powerful teacher and healer. If anyone has the opportunity to invest in themselves, this is how, this is whom with hands down. Let the healing and flowering begin! Thank you, Sasha

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